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Solid Gold


a ewe and her lambs moving in the pasture. the grass is winter dry.
woody, a black and white border collie, stands at attention.
two puppies playing on grass in a sunny field
eòin, a red and white border collie, looks up at the camera with a smile.

We want to give you your                dog,



Our parent dogs are some of the most carefully health tested Border Collies in the entire world.


Our test results are always publicly displayed with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals in addition to the Canine Health Information Center.

an xray shows the structure of the hip sockets and femoral heads. This image was rated as "good" by OFA.


Every pairing we plan with the purpose of healthy, sound, stable puppies that will fill your home with many years of laughter, adventure,  discovery, and love.


Our puppies are carefully raised in our home with Puppy Culture, ENS, and alongside our family.


Solid Gold is a member of the Border Collie Society of America and our puppy families receive mentorship, coaching, training opportunities, and much more.

Our Excellence Program is a great way to get involved with your Border Collie.

an experience you will                  forget.



Over 120 years of collective experience in the Border Collie breed help us select dogs that preserve historic type, style, and purpose.


Our Border Collies are immediately recognized as not only the breed that they are, but also some of the most beautiful.


It is arguable that there is no issue of greater importance to a dog and its family than the genetic temperament.


Solid Gold actively seeks to breed Border Collies that are courageous, confident, thoughtful, and kind.


Dogs bred by and raised by Solid Gold actively compete in a wide variety of sport venues including agility, conformation, and herding.

We value a dog that can adapt to its families needs - to excel as a career athlete or kick back as a weekend warrior.

madonna, a black and white border collie, sizes up a group of rams, ewes, and lambs.
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